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Congratulations Salma Sherif.  You have won yourself a Dinz pin tank, thanks to! We will be sending you an email shortly to get your details.

The winner was chosen using‘s true random number generator, a snapshot below shows the results.

Thanks to all our other readers who did participate in this giveaway and we wish you better luck next time!


Dinz pin tank top giveaway thanks to

Thanks to our dear friends at STYLE-TREASURE.COM, FashionThreads will be giving away a Dinz pin tank top! Winning this tank is simple, just add a comment on this post about what you love most about Fashionthreads, your email address, and confirm you are a fan on our facebook page. A random draw selection will take place after our deadline, Sunday October 3rd at midnight, where we will announce the winner!


Ramadan is here and during the holy month we tend to dress more conservatively. Conservative dressing doesn’t equal no longer looking stylish.  Take this as an opportunity to bring out the long and loose items in your wardrobe and change up your style.  Isn’t it always fun to play around and test new styles? For those looking for new Ramadan appropriate items around Cairo, below are some ideas.  Click on pictures for a larger view.


Sahara & Jewels at Style-Treasure


Amina K.'s latest collection


French Connection


For purchase of Style-Treasure items click HERE

Amina K. can be found at, Beymen, and her boutique at the below address

24 El Tharwa St., 7th Floor, Mohandeseen

French Connection at City Stars Phase 2

Amina K for Baraka

Have you ever gone to Baraka and found an Egyptian brand of sunglasses? The answer was no; but NOW you can find Amina K. in collaboration with Baraka! You would think with all the sun we live in, an Egyptian girl would have started a sunglasses collection.  Finally, the time has come!

The collection consists of 40 pairs of sunglasses with around 10 shapes all created to suit the Amina K. brand.  You’ll find the classic aviator shape which comes in many shades but my favorite pair is the Egyptian flag (it is red, white and black).  There are huge Jackie O-style shades. One comes in a funky blend of pastel shades, I can see Amina Khalil wearing them.  The pair that I would purchase are the subtle cat eyes.  They are simple yet stylish, but it would have been really cool if they came in white!  The prices range between 625-675. Truly, the most amazing part of the whole collection is the EGYPTIAN EAGLE on the side of the frames.  Ta7ya Masr!

The collection can be found at Amina K. boutiques in Cairo and Sahel, Loolies Sahel, Mounaya in Diplo, a selected 10 Baraka stores and soon on

P.S. Can you believe that is Mirette modeling?

Amina K Jackie O Shaped Shades

Amina K Cat Eye Shaped Shades

Amina K Aviator Sunglasses