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Amuse Logo


Amuse, a new lifestyle concept store, will be opening its doors to the public with a cocktail reception on October 20th, at 8pm.  Located in Zamalek, the ‘It’ location for Cairo’s boutiques, Amuse will carry everything from ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home accessories to giftware.  Named after the muses of fashion, Amuse hopes to create a haven that will both inspire fashion muses and inspire the store as well.

Expect to find brands such as Hotel Particulier, Queen of E.vil, Voom, Cecilia de Bucourt, OTT, Asli Filinta, Fiona Paxton Jewelry, House of Harlow and more.  You can find home accessories by Alchemy and the beyond cool Boho candles, books and great gifts.  The most exciting part of it all, they will be carrying the Fashion Rules! board game.  For obsessed ladies like us, this is THE board game to play for a girls night in!

We will bring you more from the cocktail reception and hope to see you there!  Below is the invite.

amuse Launch Invite

Location: 15 Ismail Mohamed St., Borj Jeddah on the ground floor, Zamalek


A new feature I have been thinking of incorporating into the blog is, Cairo Muses. This feature will post pictures of women & men around Cairo wearing stylish outfits (whether your or a rocker or a prepster)! I believe it is a great way of inspiring one another, are you interested?


If you answered yes to the second question, please email with your pic!  If you don’t want your face featured, please note in email.

Bishette bags are unique and one-of-a-kind as the materials created to make the bags were collected by the designer and her family since the mid 1900s.  Bishette bags are creativity at its best.  These bags can’t be worn by just any girl; you have to be a girl that is confident with your own personal style.  Once you fall for the collection, you fall hard, and it becomes an obsession.  Each collection is thoroughly thought out from the material, to the design, to the name, and finally to the display.  It is hard to find a designer with a real eye for the individuality. 

Female deer? Cairo’s dear? A designer and special person very dear to my heart is currently the brains and style behind the handbag line Bishette Bags.  My very first question was what is behind the name Bishette, because I think its unique and captivating. Bishette stands for female deer in French and it has been Amira Safwat’s nickname since she was a baby girl.  One day when Amira was seven or eight, she was visiting her mom’s cousin in Miami, when she watched for the first time a woman sow.  She was intrigued and seeing her enthusiasm, her mom’s cousin taught her how to sow two pieces of material into a purse.  Ever since then, she knew she was destined to be a part of the fashion industry.

Bishette handbags are characterized by the designer’s love for fashion of the previous decades.  All the handbags have a vintage touch, with collections of fabrics from old family homes, clothes from the 70’s, and vintage buttons.  Amira also makes it a point to rummage vintage stores, her mom’s, aunt’s, and mom’s best friend’s closets to pick what she thinks would look cool in a handbag. 

Random movies, old-school ads, and the designer’s muses inspire Bishette handbags.  Amira cites that the most inspiring movie was “A Walk in the Cloud” a Keanu Reeves movie set in a Mexican vineyard in the 40’s.  The leading female character, Victoria Aragaon, was a huge inspiration.  Amira also loves the old school Coca-Cola ads, pinup girls, and synchronized swimmers, and trust me if you walk into her house, you will understand what I mean.  The designer’s muses are the definition of effortless chic.  Rachel Bilson and Penelope Cruz are her modern day muses, both with an effortless chic, looking simply well put together, trendy and sophisticated.  The old school muses are Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, I don’t need to get into defining their styles!

Bishette has launched 2 spring/summer collections and 2 winter collections which also include a men’s line (each handbag is ONE OF A KIND). Each handbag is named after a celebrity, movie/show character, and or family member/friend the designer believes defines the bag.  There has been the Samantha (as in Samantha from Sex and the City), the Rachel, the Sa3deya (her grandmother, the bag was made of out of a her grandmother’s dining table cloth), the Penelope, the Margherita, the Brad, the Gavin etc.  The men’s line incorporates mens’ style into a woman’s handbag.  The designer filled us in for the men’s line lovers that it will remain a constant in all of her collections.

Some more insider information the designer has tipped us in on include that the spring collection will consist of a lot of yellow and will be inspired by exotic birds (parrots and canary’s), and that if she could open a store in only one place in the world, it would be a cute boutique store on M Str. in D.C. 

The greatest thing about Bishette handbags are that they truly are unique, catchy, and one of a kind.  You can tell the designer is as compassionate as can be because when she talks about her bags and her materials, she gets as giddy as a little kid who was just given ice cream. 

Check out the pictures below.  If interested, please contact



The Brad


The Gavin


The Margheritathemargherita

The Rachel