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Question: I want to buy a new pair of jeans and I need your help.  I love skinny jeans, are they still trendy?  Do you think they flatter my body shape, the pear?  And if not, what are the best jean styles for my body type?  Thanks,   H.M., 22

Answer: Thanks for your Q.  Boy, there is a lot of ground to cover on this extremely important question!  We’ll go in order and in points, but there is something we’d like to say first.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Everybody shape has its appeal.  There is no perfect body and not everyone has the same taste.  So no matter what your shape, be confident and wear appropriate clothing to flatter your shape, and trust us, you’ll look beautiful.

Now back to your questions…

1.  Skinny jeans have become one of the basic jean cuts, in my opinion, like the boot-cut and the straight leg etc.

2.  When dressing think of proportions.  Skinny’s can be worn by most body shapes, if worn correctly. If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, the pear shape, make sure you accentuate the top part of your body.

3.  A good pair of boot-cut jeans are the most flattering for all body shapes, followed by the straight-leg and skinny’s.  Stay away from boyfriend jeans!

Below are our favorite finds across Cairo, so that your shopping trip is made easier


Pear-fect jeans around Cairo


So these are your questions answered but we are adding a little more.

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Miriam Nazmy

Miriam Nazmy Jewelry is inspired by mixing cultures to reach oriental jewelry with a modern take. Every item can be passed through generations with a lasting feel of elegance, a true treasure.  This talented designer’s jewelry can be found in the jewelry collections of the likes of Rachel Zoe or Margherita Missoni or you could even find it in a museum.  Finally, we are proud to announce a jewelry designer parting from the ‘ein’ and ‘kaf’ and picking another oriental inspiration.

Below is a short interview with the designer and pictures of her collection.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?

I read a memorable novel called “The Kite Runner” that portrays a life of a beautiful country broken asunder, Afghanistan.  That is when I decided to know more about their art and culture, which was the core of my inspiration.

Who do you imagine wearing your jewelry?

Charlize Theron is one of the most young, popular, and appealing actresses of our time.  Picturing her wearing my jewelry would be an honor and a turning point in my designing career.

Where do you wish your collection is sold?

Harrods because not only is it one of the most famous high-end department stores in the world but also because it was owned by an Egyptian.  Selling my collection at Harrods would add a lot to the image of Egyptian designers abroad.

What should we expect next and how to do you plan to keep your collection innovative?

Being exposed to the latest fashion trends in various media channels helps me a lot in keeping my collection unique.  The most important thing to me as a designer is how to avoid imitating and to create something new that reflects my own character.

Gold earnings with turquoise stones

Long gold necklace with ruby stones

Gold bracelet with ruby and emerald stones

The amazing detailed work of her jewelry

Gold and ruby earings

Ruby red and gold necklace

Photography by: Hala’s Life Photography. Click HERE for more

Location: EGO at 46A El Orouba St., in front of the Meridian hotel, Heliopolis.

Important Note: The designer utilizes gold plated silver and the stones are semi-precious, specifically, agate.

Amira El Helaly Logo

Amira El Helaly Logo

Spending my Saturday at home today, preparing for the very important Egypt football match, looking through facebook to find something to blog about.  I came across a new facebook group called, Amira El Helaly, wondering did I find a new up & coming designer??  After having a look at the pictures, something struck my eye, this collection looks awfully like a blend of Amina K.,  Mimz for Hebz, and Horreya.  In addition, the model’s sultry look in the pictures is bothering me (she is trying too hard).  Its taking my eye away from the clothes and you never want that! Despite that, at least we have a new local designer based in Heliopolis, for the Helio crowd.  The collection includes belts, tops, and dresses (I have to admit I love the printed fabric of the belts!).  They are hosting an open day on November 20th, at 6 Ghana Street (when Chilis is on your right, continue down the road for 2 km and take a left at Piraeus Bank, its the 1st right on the 5th floor).  Have a look the group, here, you might find its worth it.  I’ll keep you posted if I hear more.

Amira El Helaly White V Back Dress and Fabric Beltblac

Amira El Helaly White V Back Dress and Fabric Belt

Amira El Helaly Shirt Dress and Fabric Belt

Amira El Helaly Black Shirt Dress and Fabric Belt

Amira El Helaly Yellow Shirt Dress

Amira El Helaly Yellow Shirt Dress