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Just another person with a blog, but this blog is different, it is trying to help Egyptian girls get ideas on what is “IN” in the fashion world and WHERE TO FIND IT IN EGYPT!!  It also keeps everyone in the “LOOP” of what is happening in the Cairo fashion scene!  I have always had a love for fashion but never really knew exactly what I want to do in the fashion industry.  All I knew was that I loved to know what everyone was wearing and why.  In addition, I  always got really annoyed when I read the local magazines and the fashion editorials which consisted of clothes found abroad. UGH how frustrating that was!! In my blog, I am trying to bring the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

By: Nadine Sabry

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  1. Put your Name in Here and talk a bit about why U are talking about fashion

  2. hi!

    i have a blog of fashion too, for fashion lovers and fashion in panama, central america.

    I will love to exchange links with your blog, and if is possible, i will like to know about runways in egypt to publish in my blog.


    fernanda quiros

  3. Could you give me some information about the Villa Dorra
    Thank you

  4. Nadine, you’re doing quite a good job here. keep it up.

  5. This is very impressive work!

    • thank u!

  6. hi nadine, since i am a shoe addict, i would love to see more about shoe design especially in Egypt

    gr8 job ;D

  7. Pls. keep me posted with latest news.

    thank you

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