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Question: I want to buy a new pair of jeans and I need your help.  I love skinny jeans, are they still trendy?  Do you think they flatter my body shape, the pear?  And if not, what are the best jean styles for my body type?  Thanks,   H.M., 22

Answer: Thanks for your Q.  Boy, there is a lot of ground to cover on this extremely important question!  We’ll go in order and in points, but there is something we’d like to say first.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Everybody shape has its appeal.  There is no perfect body and not everyone has the same taste.  So no matter what your shape, be confident and wear appropriate clothing to flatter your shape, and trust us, you’ll look beautiful.

Now back to your questions…

1.  Skinny jeans have become one of the basic jean cuts, in my opinion, like the boot-cut and the straight leg etc.

2.  When dressing think of proportions.  Skinny’s can be worn by most body shapes, if worn correctly. If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, the pear shape, make sure you accentuate the top part of your body.

3.  A good pair of boot-cut jeans are the most flattering for all body shapes, followed by the straight-leg and skinny’s.  Stay away from boyfriend jeans!

Below are our favorite finds across Cairo, so that your shopping trip is made easier


Pear-fect jeans around Cairo


So these are your questions answered but we are adding a little more.

Jeans Do’s & Dont’s for Pears


Jean Do's & Don'ts for Pears



1.   The darker the wash, the better

2.   Wear heels to give the appearance of a longer and leaner body

3.   Make sure all five pockets are there and just the right size, not too small or too spread out

4.   Wear tops and jackets that accentuate the upper body such as shoulder-padded jackets or ruffled tops, etc.


1.   Avoid lighter washes around the thigh and hip area (specifically lighter shaded lines)

2.   Avoid rhinestones, studs, or any sort of embellishments on the back pockets


Hope that helps all you ladies out there!!  Have your own question you want to ask? Send yours to!

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