Skip navigation is an online private shopping club, providing invitation-only access to time-limited sales campaigns of fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands at discounted prices. isn’t an idea steaming from nowhere, there are the likes of Gilt Groupe and Rue La La internationally, but it is the first of its kind in the Middle East.   

Shopping online is a mouse click away and with email notifications on new sales, things couldn’t get any easier. Each sale will be on for approximately 72 hours and they now deliver to Egypt! signed sales agreements with more than 400 brands allowing shoppers to find everything from the iPhone to Wii to Balenciaga and Gucci, all on sale. Want to buy your boyfriend a birthday or anniversary gift? is a good place to start searching.

Bargain shopping isn’t easy and there isn’t even a 50% chance that you will find something you want to spend on when you log in.  However, it is worth the browse because you might just end up landing on one of your greatest bargained purchases.  An important tip when bargain shopping is: don’t go for items that look seasonal and purchase items that transcend time.  Jewelry and men’s clothing are probably going to be your favorites.

Below is a how to use video. Enjoy! 

Click HERE to join and learn more on



  1. So, I happened to come across this fashion blog of yours which I find quite well-written, the content is great…
    as an aspiring fashion editor, you work really inspires me. do you work in the industry?

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