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Isn’t almost everyone at the beach wearing an Ice Watch this summer?  We are Ice Watch swamped, and it isn’t about to fade away either, because their new ad campaign with Photo Boutique rocks.  Literally, rocks.  I love sharing with you then creativity spurring out of Egypt and Photo Boutique, like Entitled Youth, are one of those original groups that I just can’t wait to see more from.  Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I’ll post a video soon! 

For more info on Photo Boutique click HERE.  

Full Rainbow Ice Watch Ad by Photo Boutique


Photo Boutique's Ice Watch Ad


Ice Watch by Photo Boutique in Silver, Purple and Pink


Silver Ice Watch Ad by Photo Boutique


Art direction and Styling by: Nazly Abou Seif 

Photography by: Shahira Zaki 

Make-Up & Hair & Modeling by: Soraya Shawky



  1. Awesome pictures…thats all the comes to mind!! great work girls

  2. aiwaaaa b2aaa ya shaaaaushaaau mwuaaah

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