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Accessories are an essential part of an outfit and they are becoming more and more so every day.  With many designers and brands opting for the more simple silhouettes and plain palettes these past few seasons, due to the lackluster global economy, accessories are proving to be vital.  You can change the look of an outfit from day to night by simply changing your accessories.  It creates versatility and personality.  You can define your style with your accessories.  Rocker chicks like studded cuffs and chokers, girly girls opt for flowers and pearls and some, like me, like to change it up. I wanted to introduce you to 2 really cool accessories stores in City Stars, in addition to an awesome place to find VINTAGE SHADES!

I am now officially obsessed with UTERQÜE, a Spanish brand from the same company behind Zara.  It opened in City Stars Phase 2, across from Boss and Longchamp above Karen Millen.  The store carries so many awesome accessories from shoes and bags to scarves, earnings, necklaces and rings.  You will definitely find statement pieces to spice up your outfit.  Below are pictures of their Spring/Summer Lookbook, creatively shot taking my fixation even further.  Not all items are in store though but trust me, it is worth a visit!  You’ll become just as obsessed as I am.


Uterque Neutrals


Uterque Nudes


Uterque Pinks


Uterque Bows


Uterque Mix


Uterque Black & White




BIMBA & LOLA is eclectic and suitable for all age groups.  It has been open for a while and it never fails to amaze me.  Their handbags are made from high quality leather, their scarves are sensational and their shoes are gorgeous, especially for those who like a lower heel.  If you hear the story of where each item’s inspiration comes from, you’ll want to own the whole collection.  Located right next to Bebe in City Stars Phase 2.


Bimba & Lola Accessories




LOOLIES is known for its hip collections and this season at their Sahel store, they have a fabulous collection of vintage shades.  You’ll find the likes of Nina Ricci and other not so famous designers but AWESOME sunglasses.  If you get your hands on one of these, trust me, all the girls and boys at the beach will be turning heads.


Vintage Sunglasses



The whole collection


White & Gold Nina Ricci Vintage Shades


Ted Lapidus Vintage Shades


Laura Biagiotti Vintage Shades




Now go ahead and go, snag yourself a couple of cool accessories.



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