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Have you heard of Entitled Youth yet?  If not, you have to know, NOW.  It is “an online platform founded in Cairo, Egypt and curated by a collective group of contributors who come together to publish everything fashion to film, with an aim to bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream art. Entitled is about promoting new talent from the region as well as internationally. It was founded on three basic ideas: opportunity, quality and selection. The purpose of the platform is to encourage more artists to show their work, as well as providing a source of inspiration for younger creative minds.” 

The creative minds behind Entitled Youth came up with an awesome photo shoot for Villa Baboushka one of Cairo’s hippest boutiques.  Bosaina II shot, styled and edited the photo shoot with the help of Mirette.  I believe that there will be more exciting and creative things coming from the Entitled team and I can’t wait to see what is next.  I hope you enjoy the shoot as much as I do.  

Entitled Youth for Villa Baboushka


Villa Baboushka Maxi Dress and Bags


Maxi Dress and Blue Wedges


Military Tee and Jeans


Vivienne Westwood Top


Feathery Tee


Feathery Tee and White Tank


White Tank and Pink Skirt


Photos Courtesy of Entitled Youth


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