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Loolies Boutique picked one of Egypt’s most beautiful locations, Hacienda White, to hold their summer fashion show. As you as see from the pictures, the catwalk was picturesque. The show consisted of many outfits fit for the Sa7el season from beachwear to sun-dresses featuring designers such as American Retro, IRO, Rasta, Ella Luna, Suzie Wong and our local talents Nana’s Closet, Amina K and Les Fleurs de Tuline. Dina Said, the designer behind Nana’s Closet, was the buyer and stylist of the show. Karina Shalaby choreographed the show and of course modeled with the Loolies staples Mirette and Carla Siag.  

Below are the pictures I took. Enjoy! Don’t forget to visit their store on the ground floor of El Corte Mall in Hacienda. Unfortunately, the Zamalek store is closed for the month.


Black blazer, bathingsuit, and grey cardigan


Black one piece and white jacket


Red Bikini and Gingham Shirt


Red Bikini and Nana's Closet Vest


Red bikini and navy blue jacket


Off white top and dark grey shorts with a white bow headband


Off white dress


Nana's Closet one shoulder dress


Floral print dress


Blush dress and Amina k belt


Colorblock dress and Amina K belt


Blue and orange silky dress


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