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I wanted to share with you my favorites of the latest Horreya pics.  They just added bikinis in their line.  There is a cute green one with a pink crochet flower, you can find it at their El Corte Mall store.  


The design team looks absolutely stunning in the black and white picture below.  


El Horreya Ladies


Karina Shalaby looks hip in outfit.  I would never think of putting so many Horreya items in one outfit but this outfit surprisingly works well.


Horreya skirt, scarf, bag, and boots



Maxi skirts are going to be huge this fall so why don’t you get one step ahead and wear them this summer.  


Horreya maxi skirt


How cute is this girl in a Horreya beach towel?  I love how the towel is bright has pom poms and is lined by a floral print.  So summer!


Horreya Beach Towel


Meram you look fabulous.  If you can pull off beanies, this one is a must! 


Horreya beanie and bag



  1. i’m loving the photography as well as the goodies 🙂

    Nadine, glad to have you back…..with a vengeance! xxx

  2. Girls; the Photography, the Design and you all look amazing.

    Happy to be part of your 1st Al Horreya retail unit in London.

    All the best.

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