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Monthly Archives: July 2010

The ladies known for some of the best open days at their Zamalek apartment have finally decided to open a boutique.  Karma and Dina Sabet are two creative ladies one with her own jewelry line and another known for her paintings and being one of the Horreya ladies.  For pictures and more CLICK BELOW! 

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I don’t know if you have heard but Beymen’s summer sale is on!  With items up to 50% off, I decided to bring you my summer must haves on sale.  Almost every item photographed is on sale, minus the Amina K. shirt and the Vakko scarf.  Go to Beymen and get your hands on these great deals.  Summer isn’t over yet! 


Summer Must Haves @ Beymen


Mixing prints on sale at Beymen


The straw beach bag at Beymen


Location: Beymen at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Styled by: FashionThreads

Isn’t almost everyone at the beach wearing an Ice Watch this summer?  We are Ice Watch swamped, and it isn’t about to fade away either, because their new ad campaign with Photo Boutique rocks.  Literally, rocks.  I love sharing with you then creativity spurring out of Egypt and Photo Boutique, like Entitled Youth, are one of those original groups that I just can’t wait to see more from.  Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I’ll post a video soon! 

For more info on Photo Boutique click HERE.  

Full Rainbow Ice Watch Ad by Photo Boutique


Photo Boutique's Ice Watch Ad


Ice Watch by Photo Boutique in Silver, Purple and Pink


Silver Ice Watch Ad by Photo Boutique


Art direction and Styling by: Nazly Abou Seif 

Photography by: Shahira Zaki 

Make-Up & Hair & Modeling by: Soraya Shawky

Accessories are an essential part of an outfit and they are becoming more and more so every day.  With many designers and brands opting for the more simple silhouettes and plain palettes these past few seasons, due to the lackluster global economy, accessories are proving to be vital.  You can change the look of an outfit from day to night by simply changing your accessories.  It creates versatility and personality.  You can define your style with your accessories.  Rocker chicks like studded cuffs and chokers, girly girls opt for flowers and pearls and some, like me, like to change it up. I wanted to introduce you to 2 really cool accessories stores in City Stars, in addition to an awesome place to find VINTAGE SHADES!

I am now officially obsessed with UTERQÜE, a Spanish brand from the same company behind Zara.  It opened in City Stars Phase 2, across from Boss and Longchamp above Karen Millen.  The store carries so many awesome accessories from shoes and bags to scarves, earnings, necklaces and rings.  You will definitely find statement pieces to spice up your outfit.  Below are pictures of their Spring/Summer Lookbook, creatively shot taking my fixation even further.  Not all items are in store though but trust me, it is worth a visit!  You’ll become just as obsessed as I am.


Uterque Neutrals


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