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Style-treasure continuously adds new brands and exclusive collections for their online store and this summer is no different.  If you’re in Sahel for a week or a month and want something delivered right to your door, Style-treasure can do that.  

Below are my favorites of the new arrivals. 

This Otrera scarf is colorful, comes in silk chiffon and has four fatima gold-plated jewels hanging from each side! 

Otrera Scarf in Blue, Pink and Yellow


Need a beach bag?  This oversized Mojo beach bag comes in towel material and I love the print.  It reminds me of all the fun furniture material I was just looking at a week ago! 

Mojo Oversized Beach Carfu Bag


Don’t want to think too much about what you are going to wear tonight? This Vintage Anonymous tank with gold & silver tulle and a black flower will add a spark to plain black shorts or skirt.

Vintage Anonymous Tank


Lastly, my favorite color for summer jewelry is turquoise.  These CC Skye earnings are stunning yet at a good price! 

CC Skye Turquoise Earnings


Click HERE to order online.  Guess what?! Spend LE1000 ($90) or more & receive Egypt’s most talked about, top-selling chill out music album: FIRST VOYAGE by Hisham Kharma! 


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