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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Style-treasure continuously adds new brands and exclusive collections for their online store and this summer is no different.  If you’re in Sahel for a week or a month and want something delivered right to your door, Style-treasure can do that.  

Below are my favorites of the new arrivals. 

This Otrera scarf is colorful, comes in silk chiffon and has four fatima gold-plated jewels hanging from each side! 

Otrera Scarf in Blue, Pink and Yellow


Need a beach bag?  This oversized Mojo beach bag comes in towel material and I love the print.  It reminds me of all the fun furniture material I was just looking at a week ago! 

Mojo Oversized Beach Carfu Bag


Don’t want to think too much about what you are going to wear tonight? This Vintage Anonymous tank with gold & silver tulle and a black flower will add a spark to plain black shorts or skirt.

Vintage Anonymous Tank


Lastly, my favorite color for summer jewelry is turquoise.  These CC Skye earnings are stunning yet at a good price! 

CC Skye Turquoise Earnings


Click HERE to order online.  Guess what?! Spend LE1000 ($90) or more & receive Egypt’s most talked about, top-selling chill out music album: FIRST VOYAGE by Hisham Kharma! 




Shibshibi Logo

When flip-flops first became the go to beach footwear maybe 10 years ago, I thought, Egypt is flip-flop haven known for our green zanouba.  Ten years later Shibshibi, ‘my flip flop’ in Arabic, was launched by design team Sara Hamza, Dina Naguib, and Nadia Ahmed.  The tagline of their collection is “a unique fusion between oriental and modern footwear design; a real touch of contemporary with a glimpse of our ancestors patterns that makes SHIBSHIBI® a unique combination for everyday use”.

I have to admit I got bored of the Havaianas and other brands of flip-flops and am eager to get my hands on pair of creatively designed Shibshibi’s. The only worry is that the designs get repetitive so I hope the team keep coming up with ideas, keeping their collection innovative.  I am thinking along the lines of his and hers or bridal and bridesmaids flip-flops to be worn at weddings (at the end of the night of course!).  

Below are pictures of my favorites so far.  


Shibshibi Kaf Flip Flop


Shibshibi Pink Oriental Flip Flops


Shibshibi Blue, Cream, Gold and Silver Flip Flops


The collection can be found at the following locations:

• Order thru facebook group link HERE

Ghazl Banat: 14, Montazah Street, Zamalek

Loolies: 37 Ahmed Heshmat St., Zamalek

Litchi: 31, Road No. 6, Maadi

• CSA: 4 Road 21, Maadi

Nighty Nighty: Alex

Eklego Designs, Diplo (Sidi Abdel Rahman)