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Euphoria Boutique, one of Cairo’s first boutiques, has a fabulous summer collection this season.  Lots of draping, which I love because it gives the item shape and style.  Draping, one the hottest trends this season, is super feminine and flattering.  This technique gives a curvy illusion while hiding problem areas.  

The owner is a huge Dior fan, so you’ll find a lot of Christian Dior accessories as well.  Below is a preview of what you can find at the store.  


White Draped Dress with Gold Embroidery


Bright Pink Draped Short Dress


Green Draped One Shoulder Dress


Pink Draped Short Dress


Dior Caged Sandals


Located at: 9 Midan Gomhoriat al Motahida, Dokki



  1. Euphoria looks amazing. i’d like one of these goddess dresses. Do you know what the price range is for this store?

    • It is on the higher end of the price range but they have a sale going on now!!

  2. thanks I may check that sale out!

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