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IMC and H.E. Rachid

FINALLY we are developing the booming fashion industry in Egypt.  The Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC), website link here, and H.E. Rachid Mohamed Rachid, the Minister of Trade and Industry, are working with our local up & coming designers to develop their businesses.  Featured on Beit Beitak a couple of days ago, a popular Egyptian show, were some of Egypt’s designers discussing their products, the future of their brands and how we can place Egypt on the fashion world map.   

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who were featured and selected including the likes of Azza Fahmy, Amina K., Bishette Bags, El Horreya Designs for Freedom, Karma Jewelry, Sarah Abaza Jewelry and more.   

Looking forward to your developments and progress.  I can’t wait to have more stuff to write about!  Maybe one day and hopefully soon, Cairo will have its own fashion week and attend trade shows. 


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  1. hey, can u post a link to al beit beitak feature pls?

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