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Nana's Closet Mermaid Black Dress


Spotted: The fabulous Nana’s Closet at the Fairmont opening a couple of weeks ago, and OH WHAT A DRESS!  The ultimately timeless mermaid shape in black lace and tulle with a corset top makes the dress look like the it belongs to a Hollywood movie set.  Again and again I am amazed at the quality of the sowing and finishing of each item.  The fabulous collection is NOW AVAILABLE at Loolies Boutique!  I was just there yesterday and came across this stunning grey brushed satin dress with gathered sleeves, a lace and sequined belt, and an awesome black zipper.  When looking at the details, the silver trim and stitching look flawless, as if it was a creation of a high-end designer.  I raise my hands up high and applaud the designer and her team, yet again!  If I were you, I would get my fashionable self to Loolies and get my hands on one of Nana’s Closet creations.  

Location: Loolies Boutique, 37 Ahmed Hishmat St., Ground Floor Apartment, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt (FYI the store is closed on Sundays)


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