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Les Fleurs de Tuline

The craze started by Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side (UES) Queen Bee Blair Waldorf took over runways and now Egypt.   


Blair Waldorf Headband Craze

Les Fleurs de Tuline is “a new concept where each seed blossoms into a flower; where your imagination can become a reality; where art, design and fashion can meet.”  Tuline Chourbagui, the designer behind the line, jumped on the train by launching her first collection of “head couture”.  The designs are based out of Cairo with the Mawaheb atelier, Beirut based charity organization, producing the dazzling headbands. 

Below are pictures of the collection. 

Red, Navy, and Black Roses Thin Headbands

Black and Gold Headband

Black Headband with White Stones

Red Satin Big Rose Headband

Pink and Black Bug Headband Red Satin Big Rose Headband


Black Bowtie Headband

You can find Les Fleurs de Tuline at: 

Loolies Boutique 37 Ahmed Hishmat St. Ground Floor Apartment, Zamalek 

Mohamed El Sagheer Hairdresser in Zamalek at the 2nd Floor in front of the reception

For more pictures click here.  

This is a special dedication to LouLou!






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