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It is that time of year again, when the fall 2010 fashion shows are about to begin and yet it still isn’t spring yet.  Last year I posted on Net-A-Porter’s Spring A to Z and I got a lot of good feedback, so I decided to do the same this year.  Who doesn’t like an A to Z list?

A is for Alexander Wang (New York’s hottest new designer that is going for the All-American sportswear this season)

Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Runway Looks

B is for Braid your hair (French braid or woven up-do its the new season cool)

B is for Braids

C if for Circus (I guess Ganzoury was pre-the-loop with his new years party)

D is for Dress up (Who doesn’t like to?? It should ALWAYS be FUN)

E is for Exercise (get physical in sporty-luxe essentials??)

Alexander Wang's Athletic Jacket

F is for Futurism (I hate futurism, it just looks ridiculous, can I change it to florals?!)

G is for Gentlemen’s Club (One of my favorites, and this spring its BOY MEETS GIRL, even better!)

Stella McCartney's Gentleman's club look

H is for Heavenly Dresses (Hello chiffon, organza, silk, and satin)

I is for Indulge (Candy-chic shades from powder blue to mouth-watering mint)

J is for Jason Wu (One of MObama’s favorite designers)

Jason Wu Strapless Cocktail Dress

K is for Kiss and Make Up (RED RED RED, try Chanel’s Red No. 5)

L is for Liquid Lame (Adds shine)

M is for Minimal (Doesn’t need much explanation does it? Just keep it simple, pin-sharp, and sculpted)

N is for Nude (Its always in during the spring)

Nude Dresses at Chanel and Ellie Saab

O is for Opera Chic (Ahhh…one of my favorites! Playing dress up and sophisticated, I wish I lived in the days when Opera was the only thing one could do on a Friday night)

Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta Opera Chic

P is for Park Life (Make everyday a walk in the park with stunning floral prints)

Park life at Stella McCartney and Erdem

Q is for Queen of Hollywood (Think Grace Kelly gown)

R is for Ruffles (Oh so girly, I love girly)

Ruffles at Chloe Runway

S is for Seventies Style Shoes (Wedges, Platforms and yes, Karl Lagerfeld brought back CLOGS!)

Chanel Black Clog

T is for Tribal Delux (Get ready for African prints)

U is for Underwear (If your a rule breaker, wear your underwear as outerwear, but please keep it to outside of Cairo!!)

V is for Versace (Inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland)

Versace Spring 2010 Finale

W is for Wild West (Saloon-girl skirts, fringed boots, you get the point)

D&G Wild West Look

X is for XL (Shades that is)

Y is for Yacht Glamour (To dream…)

Z is for Raquel Zimmerman Blonde (Think 1950’s blonde bombshell)

Raquel Zimmerman Blonde Bombshell


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