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Coming across this stunning Maissa Azab for Enigma December fashion spread there was only one thought that crossed my mind, “I wish I was a part of that shoot”.  Set in the all white Baxter Showroom, here in Cairo, I was impressed.  It has this lovely ‘old yet modern’ theme.  I love the furniture and the overall layout, but what was even classier were the party dresses worn by model Karla.  Everything from the concept, art decoration, and styling was Maissa Azab’s work.  Great job, this is by far my favorite Egyptian fashion spread.  Hope you like the spread just as much I did. 

 Abdel Hak Designs

Red and Black Statement Gown

Malak el Ezzawy LBD

Malak El Ezzawy White Bustier Top Gown

 Monique Lhuilier at Helene Boutique

Navy Tulle Bottom Dress

 Maissa Azab Design

Black and Nude Bustier and Tulle Skirt Dress

 Hany El Behery design

Metallic Princess Gown

 Photographer: Kareem Nour



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