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Who doesn’t enjoy rummaging through Nana’s closet? The gems found in your grandma’s treasure chest will never cease to be irreplaceable.  It’s a raid that one will never regret.  Whether it is the exquisite jewels, divine dresses, standout shawls, or bedazzled bags, I promise each item will be intricate and ingenious.

Well guess what?  Just in case you can’t scour your grandma’s closet, one of Cairo’s darlings launched Nana’s Closet, a ‘brand inspired by vintage pieces that your daughter, or if I’m lucky even your granddaughters will steal out of your closet one day as I have done with mine’.  After having visited the showing of the first mini-collection, I feel in love.  Not only because I am huge fan of vintage but because the designer’s attention to details with the hand made detailing, the choice of fabrics, and the undeniably perfect finishing is to die for.  Picture old Hollywood cocktail dresses & jumpsuits and sublime yet simple dinner date dresses.

I will share with you my favorite items of the 1st mini-collection.  Unfortunately, it has all sold out, being that there are only two sizes of each piece.  Which is a good thing, it keeps the collection exclusive.  But I do promise that when the next collection is launched, you will be among the first to know.

Nana's Closet's Cat Suit

Cat Suit's Sexy V-Back

Strong Shouldered Blazer

Grey Cocktail Dress

Grey Dress with Blue Paisley Trimed Sleeves

Houndstooth Black One Sleeve Dress

The Cool Black Vest

Black Vest Detailing

See what I mean when I say attention to detail.




  1. where is it ? and is it a permanent thing or open days?

    • Well this collection was an showcased in an open day and sold out in two days. I will let you know when and where the next collection will be showcased as soon as I find out.

  2. waiting 2 snd me any new arrivals

  3. Where is Nanas closet actually from? Its beautifull stuff

  4. Oh i just read it over again, missed the cairos darlings part..

  5. Your Nana was hip!

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