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Forty West, SODIC’s new project, in collaboration with HIP Boutique brought Matthew Williamson’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection to Cairo last night with a fashion show, up to international standards minus the models (Karina you were the best!), at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza.  Thanks to GLAM Fashion and Styling Agency (Maissa and Sahar Azab) who were behind the hard work of the show!
Should we expect any less from SODIC, the Real Estate developers known for their PR?  Last night’s show was just one of the 7 events held throughout the week, and it was packed full of Cairo’s socialites all decked out in stylish fall attire.  For some reason Gossip Girl came into mind but instead of the Palace, we were at the Four Seasons.  I can’t say there was a real trend for the night’s outfits but there definitely was a lot of black.  Then again, IT IS winter and winter equals black.

Getting back to business, the fashion show that is.  Williamson’s aesthetic is hard to miss, but this time around, the flowery boho signature look was nowhere to be found.  While parts of the collection still screamed Williamson with bright fluorescent greens, colorful prints, and embellishments; there was structure and a focus on lines, not your typical hippie.  One cannot ignore the high-waisted shorts with beautifully beaded metallic tops, the multiple uses of textures, and the tropical palette. The show ended with a set of Grecian cut-out gowns and one special organza drop waist gown with a pouf below the knee.  My summary is cut-out dresses, neon greens and blues, and LOTS of different sorts of embellishment.
Below are some pictures of the real runway items that were showcased yesterday.  Hopefully, the actual runway pictures will follow shortly. 

Old Silver Beaded Cropped Jacket with Bronze Highwaisted Shorts

Ikat Print Jersey Rouched Dress with Cropped Jacket

Ikat Printed Cutout Dress with Navy Sleeves

Gold Metallic Beaded Dress with Blue Feathers

Floral Graphic Fully Beaded Shift Dress with Black Beaded Tuxedo Jacket

Neon Lemon Cutout Chiffon Dress

Strong Shouldered LBD with Beaded Trim Sleeve

 MY FAVORITE!!!! It is THE dress and looks amazing in real life.

Cocktail Organza Multi-colored Blue Gown

All items and MORE available at HIP Boutique for order!



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