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Cairo Muse Meram

A Cairo Muse that can only be admired.  After having spotted this stylish beauty a couple of years ago, I became quickly obsessed with her every outfit, a style rarely found in the streets of Cairo.  Meram’s style can be defined as juxtaposition between high and low-end labels, shaggy and chic, cool yet simple.

I am in love with the contrast of her rugged look, the Horreya Scarf, layered off-the-shoulder cream and black tees, the perfectly ripped jeans and camel colored combat boots WITH the classic black Chanel bag.

Take a cue ladies, you don’t need to be dressed in only designer duds.  MIX IT UP!



  1. those are not combat boots! maybe in bruno’s army…the clutch is just in your face, but hell that’s egypt for you!

    • Hahahaha. Well what would you call them then?? I sat and thought about them for a while. If you want to mock me, feel free, but at least correct it!

      AND, I made her pose with the clutch showing to prove a point I was trying to make, that you can mix and match high-end with low-end labels and the shabby look with chic items. Obviously you didn’t get it, and decided that that’s egypt for you!

  2. I would say some designer’s take on work boots, as combat boots will always have some for of lacing to them…didn’t mean to sound rude, but that’s cairo for ya!

    as for the clutch hiding the logo (imo) would have had a greater impact, as the pattern is synonymous with the house of coco…and the fact that people could have been guessing is t or is it not chanel?

    love your whole sartorial cairo concept please keep it up!

  3. I love the whole look! The way she accessorized the outfit is beautiful & simple. luv th belt!

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