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Every week, Saturday that is, I will post my favorite item spotted in stores around Cairo. It can be a shoe we all lust over, a bag we can snag, just a jacket, a stylish skirt, a do-it-all dress, jagged jewelry, or nifty nail polish.  Hope you enjoy!

Christian Louboutin Lace & Suede Booties

I have been lusting over these Louboutin booties since September; hence, being my 1st Item of the Week.  Need I say much about Louboutin other than he has, by far, kicked Manolo Blahnik out of the race more than 3 years ago.  His designs are feminine yet trendy, stylish and breathtaking.  These elegant lace and suede booties will be the statement of any outfit, but come with a hefty price tag.  I love how they are reminiscent of boots worn 1800’s and can still be worn in 2010!  Found at Beymen, Four Seasons Nile Plaza.

A girl’s shoe should always be a source of admiration for the other girl who isn’t wearing them!


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