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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cairo Muse Meram

A Cairo Muse that can only be admired.  After having spotted this stylish beauty a couple of years ago, I became quickly obsessed with her every outfit, a style rarely found in the streets of Cairo.  Meram’s style can be defined as juxtaposition between high and low-end labels, shaggy and chic, cool yet simple.

I am in love with the contrast of her rugged look, the Horreya Scarf, layered off-the-shoulder cream and black tees, the perfectly ripped jeans and camel colored combat boots WITH the classic black Chanel bag.

Take a cue ladies, you don’t need to be dressed in only designer duds.  MIX IT UP!


CC Skye Black Horn and Gold Chain Bracelet

This beautiful black horn and gold chain bracelet is the epitome of CC Skye and is the perfect accessory.  I love the usage of two completely different materials to create a stylish item which supposedly brings you good luck.  Who doesn’t want good luck when it comes in a chic bracelet like the above.

CC Skye Black Horn Bracelet found at, click here.

Planet Awesome Kid Pic

While skimming through my emails today, I came across the cutest blog.  Imagine a kids sartorialist and if you don’t know the Sartorialist, it is a  must see!  Both blogs post pictures of fashion spotted around the streets of the world’s major cities, their only difference is AGE.  Back to Planet Awesome Kid, its truly an awesome idea.  Kids nowadays are  wearing vintage Michael Jackson Tees, Marc Jacobs and Chanel bags, to H&M and Zara Kids.  They mix and match high and low end just like adults, and keep becoming more stylish with time.  The pictures are adorable, and I want to submit Nejmah, my first Cairo Muse to their blog.  She would be a great addition.  I hope you enjoy it like I did.

Pashion E-Magazine Debut

Pashion has launched its quarterly e-edition this week, meaning the magazine but can be now viewed online.  We are giving you an exclusive FREE TRIAL access if you click here!

Fustany's 1st Lookbook

Fustany launched its Lookbook this week as well.  Register here and enjoy the e-zine which features their fall trends, favorite coats, and their top 10 favorite bloggers, FashionThreads being one! In addition, fill out the questionnaire on page 29 and win 1 out of 3 GIVEAWAYS.