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Bishette Michael Jackson Tribute Collection

Bishette Michael Jackson Tribute Collection

Ready, Set, BID! For all Michael Jackson fans waiting to get their hands on a Michael Jackson tribute item, the time has come!  Bishette Bags is offering you a chance to have your own, ONE OF A KIND Michael Jackson inspired clutch.  The designer, Amira Safwat, is one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans I have met!  She created a THREE PIECE TRIBUTE COLLECTION that will be available for bid at the Bishette Bags Facebook group starting August 29th, the King of Pop’s Birthday (very thoughtful!).  Starting ask price is only LE500!  The bidding process will be up for three days starting from 12:00 am on the 29th til August 31st 11:59pm.  The pictures found below will be posted on the group’s photos, bid for your favorite by posting a comment on the respective picture.  But be sure to follow up on your bid to ensure that your the highest bidder before the 31st of August!  The winner along with the bag, will receive a copy of the song’s lyrics that inspired the creation.  BE INSPIRED!

Below are pictures of the 3 piece collection and the link to the Facebook group.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS! JOIN and BID!

The Beat It

The Beat It

The Billie Jean

The Billie Jean

The Smooth Criminal

The Smooth Criminal

HURRY UP & JOIN the Facebook group!!!


One Comment

  1. Hey Nadine, i know this is out of subject, but im a big fan of ur blog & since ur so into the fashion scene in Egypt, i wanted to ask u abt somethin.. Do u have any idea where can i get the Chanel reissue 2.55 bag in Egypt, im desperate to buy it for my birthday but dont know where to find it as Beymen doesnt carry Chanel bags 😦
    Thanks in advance..

    Rasha, x

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