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Style Treasure - Egypt's First Online Boutique

Style Treasure - Egypt's First Online Boutique

Egypt finally has an online boutique that isn’t one of the order through a Facebook group, it is an actual website.  At first glance, the website is still at its early stages of launch, with some of the collections available, but the groundwork is there.  Sherifa Mahmoud and Mona Afifi, the creators, are joining Egypt’s ever growing fashion industry.

I love how the collections are a mix of up & coming Middle Eastern designers and with the renowned international ones.  You might not have heard of some of the designers, but it is definitely worth a look.  My favorite aspect of the website is the “Editors Tip”, giving buyers some tips on how to wear the item your buying! CC Syke, a Hollywood celebrity favorite accessory designer, is supposed to be available at the store.  Lets hope it comes soon, because I want a to die for green and gold bracelet from their new collection!  For the Amina K. fans, her fall/winter 09 collection is finally out with some key pieces found on the website.  The website’s soft launch, covers a wide spectrum of items such as maternity clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and of course, dresses; they just need more items.

24 hour delivery for the Egyptians, and 48 hours anywhere else.  That seems like a pretty good deal to me! On top of that, cash on delivery and secure online payments are available.

According to their Facebook group, the following brands will be available in the Fall 2009-2010 season:

-Amina K Clothing & Accessories (Egypt)
-Bellybutton Couture Maternity & Childrenswear (Lebanon)
-C By Cynthia Leather Clutches (Lebanon)
-CC Skye Accessories (USA)
-DINZ Scarves & Accessories (Dubai)
-Emme Clothing & Ballerinas (Beirut)
-Joanna Laura Constantine Accessories (New York)
-Mojo Handbags (Lebanon)
-MOK Clothing (Lebanon)
-Otrera Scarves (Greece)
-Ranna Gill (India)
-Taka (Turkey)

Log on to and shop away!


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  1. Thank you for featuring on your blog! Contact me at the posted email for exclusive updates!
    Great job…

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