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Yasmine Yeya Couture Dresses

Yasmine Yeya Couture Dresses

A little late in the loop maybe, but for all those who haven’t heard of her yet, Yasmine Yeya is an up & coming designer with a dream that began a little before becoming the runner-up at the Mission Fashion LBC show about 2 years ago.  After reading an article about the designer in Egypt Today, I have gotten to know a little more about Yasmine than I had known when I stumbled across her Facebook group (links to both the Egypt Today article and her Facebook group below).  Yasmine Yeya got to train with Elie Saab during the Mission Fashion show, that is definitely a good experience to have on your CV!  But more importantly, the way she decided to study fashion, by needing a dress for her sister’s wedding, makes you realize that this designer most probably understands your needs.  I think the thing I like most about the pictures I have seen, unfortunately have not been able to view her full collection and dresses in real life, is their simplicity.  There is no need for the over the top sequins and other sorts of embellishments found in most Egyptian couture made dresses.  The Egyptian designer designs collections and custom-made dresses in her Zamalek atelier for socialites and celebrities all over the Arab world.  If interested to know more or get a dress custom-made for your next wedding, check our her facebook group (link below) and get in contact with the designer.

Yasmine Yeya Couture Facebook Group link

Yasmine Yeya Egypt Today Article


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