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Many music talents idol this undeniable performer, but also many designers and fashion insiders can’t deny that Michael Jackson was not only the King of Pop but a FASHION ICON.  For 2 decades or more, the performer started trends that are still in style.  Early in his solo career, during the early 80’s, the biker look was “it”; buckled and studded leather jackets in red and black.  Towards the later stages of the 80’s, the performer moved on to the military inspired attire with the trophy jackets, now a huge hit! Then came the iconic sequins. Whether it was the sequined glove, the all black sequined jacket or pants.  But throughout the whole time, Michael Jackson stayed true to one style, the cropped pants suit! He did change it up with the white suit in Smooth Criminal, the leather suit with a red shirt and bow tie in Billie Jean, or a black suit with the simple plain white V-neck tee, a black fedora, and the white ankle socks.


The fashion icon inspired many from designers and their runways to celebrities on the red carpet and streets.  The Balmain Spring Summer 09 collection is full of trophy jackets.  Rihanna, Beyonce, and Kate Moss are big on the MJ look.  Even high street following the crowd with Zara, BeBe, and many more showcasing sequins, studded leather, and cropped pants!

Michael Jackson has touched all our hearts with his music and inspired our style with his fashion.  He will be missed but both his music and style will LIVE ON! Be MJ inspired.



  1. I love the apparent contrast between what MJ introduced, and what the designers have to offer.
    They all follow the King, He will always be remembered as the King.

  2. The original fashonista!

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