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1. Which celebrity (musician, actor/actress, fashion icon or designer) has influenced your personal style? And if you got the chance to do a collaboration line with that celebrity, what would the theme be, and why?


Amina Khalil: HMMMM…this is a really tough one. I guess the fashion icon that most influenced my personal style would be Kate Moss from living in London, you just couldn’t help being obsessed with her. Her ability to look good in an effortless way, giving the impression that she just threw anything on and it just fits together. For the collaboration line (one could only dream) I would keep the Amina k. look of mixing and matching different Egyptian patterns and fabrics and add the Kate Moss shabby chic look to go with our Have Your Own Style theme. The theme would push people to have an individual style instead of copying trends.

Amira Safwat: There are so many people that have influenced my style over the years that I really cant pick one!!! However i would love to collaborate with Sonia Rykiel on a nautical resort collection. I love her style and love her very feminine vintage takes on that theme. I would also love to collaborate with Betsy Johnson and create a handbag line based on her dresses. She already makes handbags but I have a certain style in mind that i think would look really cool with her funky flowery dresses.

Heba Elawadi: I must admit I was hugely influenced by the Spice Girls. I loved Victoria (Posh Spice) the most though. I had her pictures from magazines up everywhere. If I got the chance to do a collaboration line with her, the theme would be fairy-tale just because I just associated that theme with her right now 🙂

2. Which trend do you really wish would make a comeback?


Heba Elawadi: I would love to see people wearing hats all over again. Hats from the 30s and 40s. So chic!


Amira Safwat: I would really love it if the ballet trend would make a comeback. I love the bows, satin laces, ribbons, baby pink and black, pleats, and the pastel tights. Everything about that look is so simple and feminine but very strong at the same time.

Amina Khalil: I feel like all the trends have been done already but i would just keep revamping the boho hippy look for me it just never gets old.


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