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Cheer yourself up with some shopping therapy!
Get L.E. 200 GIFT VOUCHER for every L.E. 1000 you spend at Beymen

Offer valid only from: Tuesday June 16th til Saturday June 20th

Anticipated FAQs:
Q: Can you give me an example of how this works?
A: Sure. Buy a L.E. 2300 True Religion jeans and get 2 gift vouchers for L.E. 200/ each. So, you save L.E. 400
Buy a Dsquared t-shirt worth L.E. 1000, use the gift vouchers and pay only L.E. 600. So, that’s another L.E. 400 for you!

Q: Do I have to use the vouchers on the spot?
A: Nope! You have till June 30th. to use/redeem them.

Q: But you mentioned “this Tuesday – Saturday only”!
A: You get the vouchers on purchases of L.E. 1000 and up this Saturday- Tuesday only. But you can redeem the vouchers anytime through the end of June 2009.

Q: What if I get 4 vouchers of L.E. 200 each and I want to use L.E. 750 of them, do I get the extra L.E. 50 in cash.
A: No. The vouchers have to be used in their entirety.

So, enjoy and get ready to spice up your summer with the latest style!


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