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I don’t know if you have been, but the store will be HUGE! Please don’t worry about everyone wearing the same thing.  We probably already do. In addition, the key to shopping at the brand stores is to mix & match from last year’s wardrobe or your mother’s vintage wardrobe.  Don’t take what they show you in the catalog and imitate it.  INCORPORATE YOU and trust me we won’t be wearing the same thing!



  1. May I know the exact location? Which level and what is the unit number?

    • I don’t know which unit number but you can’t miss it. Its right infront of cilantro @ the entrace of phase 2!

  2. Hello, I am more than glad to know that Zara and Massimo opened new stores in Cairo..But I still have a question concerning Zara home and Zara for kids.Any ideas if they are also represented in Cairo? if yes, where?Thank you in advance

    • Zara Kids can be found at the Zara store in City Stars. Zara home, not yet unfortunately!

  3. thanks for the quick answer..what about Massimo?is it only in Mohandessin or in other malls as well?I will be moving soon to Cairo and would like to have some ideas of where’s what??thanks

    • from my understanding only in mohandessein so far…ill let you know if i hear otherwise

  4. THANK YOU ;)))
    P.S: if you know something about zara home (new opening maybe,hopefully) as well, just let me know ..

  5. Who got the franchise to egypt?

    • Its a lebanese retailer called azadea

  6. hello, can you tell me if there’s a wide range of business clothes for women available in cairo’s malls? I’ll move to Cairo in 4 weeks and need to know what to bring!
    thanks so much!

    • Sorry for the late reply, its been the summer season. You will find business clothes for women available at city stars (mall) and stores around the city, like Massimo Dutti. Honestly, I wouldn’t call it a wide range, but there are options.

  7. hello i wouldlike to know what is the average price of a zara t-shirt,i will be travelling to cairo a.s.a.p. thanks in advance

    • it depends on what type of t-shirt you are talking about. I would say it ranges between 200-500 egyptian pounds.

  8. what is the rate for ( us dollar)

  9. $1= approx. 5.5 EGP

  10. hi there,
    do you have an idea if Zara home is this year opening in cairo????

    • I saw that they are opening one in City Stars. Hopefully soon

  11. Are we talking here of ZARA HOME????? I know that Zara (clothing) has opened at City stars already, what about Zara HOME??
    thanks again

    • Zara home

    • Zara home opened this weekend in city stars!

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