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There are many Up & Coming Jewelry designers around Cairo.  There are those that sell their stuff at Harrods for ridiculous prices (Dima) and those that have collections across all price ranges (Karma).  By Sou is a new designer that happens to have cute simple jewelry for decent prices.  I love the evil eye plain necklaces that can be wrapped around the wrist a couple of times and become bracelets.  By Sou jewelry are hand made, silver and gold plated made with real pearls and semi precious stones.  Special orders can be made according to your preference of stone, design and color.

To get in contact with by Sou


Facebook Group:

Below are some pics

LE 150 for plain evil eye

LE 175 for evil eye with dangling butterfly


Charmed Necklace LE 180


Pearl & Evil Eye Necklace LE 275


Semi precious stone necklace LE 450


Turquoise and pearl earnings LE 250




  1. I think her work is inspired from Hana elawadi’s? Dont you think so?

  2. Honestly, I think that most local jewelry designers’ pieces are very similar.

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